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Number of forms 1 Form 10 Forms 50 Forms unlimited
Unlimited questions per form & unlimited submissions per form YES YES YES YES
Your forms are hosted from four servers, so even if one of our servers goes down, your forms will still be available. YES YES YES YES
Your data is automatically backed up. YES YES YES YES
Your data is kept safe and encrypted using SSL (military-grade encryption). YES YES YES YES
Our integrated spam filter keeps spam form submissions out of your inbox. YES YES YES YES
Our stats package shows you where your visitors are located. YES YES YES YES
Instantly receive notifications of new submissions. YES YES YES YES
Choose a web page to send your visitors to after their submission. YES YES YES YES
Transmit form submissions with SSL encryption (requires SSL on your website). YES YES YES YES
No advertising after a form is submitted & the link to Freedback is removed. Your visitors never leave your site.   YES YES YES
Download your data as an Excel Icon Excel spreadsheet. Great for keeping an offline backup of your submissions.   YES YES YES
Ask visitors to confirm what they entered is accurate before submitting their form.   YES YES YES
Send a copy of what they submitted to your visitors.   YES YES YES
Name and email address are passed to your thank you page. (Allows you to thank your visitors by name.)   YES YES YES
Your visitors can upload files & send them to you files with their form submission.   YES YES YES
Let our auto-responder automatically reply to messages for you. Give your visitors an automatic response to their form submissions so they know you got their message.   YES YES YES
Receive a SMS notifications of a new form submissions on your cellphone.   YES YES YES
Send submissions to multiple email addresses.     YES YES
Your visitors can choose a department (Sales, Technical Support, etc...) and form submissions will be routed to that department's email address.     YES YES
Does your company have more than one website? Manage all your forms on all your sites with one account.     YES YES
REFUND POLICY: If you're unhappy with our service, please get in touch for a full refund. Check Check Check Check
Pricing Plans:

All prices in USD.
Discounts available for educational institutions and registered non-profits.
Free $19/month

6 months:  $99

1 year:  $159

2 year:  $279

6 months:  $199

1 year:  $349

2 year:  $599

6 months:  $499

1 year:  $899

2 year:  $1599
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No programming required.  At all.

This is the most popular reason people use Response-o-matic .  People have lots to do, and most folks just want things to work the first time.  We've made it simple.   Our forms are 100% compatible with all browser types, and it doesn't matter who is hosting your website.

Copy.  Paste.  Done.

Auto-responders:  We'll reply quickly for you

When you contact a company, you expect a quick reply, don't you?  That's what most people expect online.  If you don't get back to your customers right away, they'll simply click over to the competion.  Included in your account are auto-responders.  When someone submits one of your forms, we'll send them an email reply from you right away, with whatever message you want us to send.  

A recent Jupiter Research study found that 55% of customers expect to receive a response within 6 hours, yet only 20% of companies are meeting their expectations. Forty-two percent of the sites never responded to emails or took more than 5 days to respond to the questions.

Jupiter Research, "Email Customer Service: Taking Control of Rising Customer Demand"

No usage limitations

Create as many forms as you like, and receive as many submissions as you like.  Many of our customers use one "contact us" form and another to ask their visitors how they could improve their site.  You will be amazed what your visitors will tell you if you just ask them.

Your visitors can upload files

Rather than asking your visitors to also send you an email with files, your visitors can upload files to you within your actual form. This is the most professional way to accept job applications, excel files, img, etc.

We protect you from SPAM

Most website forms work by passing in your email address as a variable when the form is submitted.  Spammers have programs called "spambots" that look around the internet 24 hours a day, slurping up email addresses and adding them to spam lists.  Below is the FTC warning on the subject:
FTC Consumer Alert

To find out which fields spammers consider most fertile for harvesting, investigators "seeded" 175 different locations on the Internet with 250 new, undercover email addresses. The locations included web pages, newsgroups, chat rooms, message boards, and online directories for web pages, instant message users, domain names, resumes, and dating services.

Results: The investigators found that within the first 6 weeks alone, 86 percent of the addresses posted to web pages received spam. It didn't matter where the addresses were posted on the page: if the address had the "@" sign in it, it drew spam.

Source: http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/conline/pubs/alerts/spamalrt.htm
We can't guarantee you won't get any spam, but you will receive less spam using Response-o-matic than if you use an unprotected submission method.  Here's how it works:  Instead of using your email address in your form like most services do, we use a unique token ID.

Most services look like this:  email=user@domain.com
Response-o-matic looks like this:  acctid=nzk1u5xcjq2311nr

Immediate notification

As soon as someone submits a form on your site we will send you a copy of what they submitted.  Submissions are also stored in our secure database for your review.  Because many of our clients works as part of a team, we've enabled you to notify up to three people when a form is submitted.

Easy to use Form Wizard

Our competitors ask you to learn HTML and how forms work.  We think you have better things to do, so we've created a form wizard designed specifically for ease of use.

Real support from real people

Giving fast and great customer support is one of our top priorities at Response-o-matic. Paid accounts receive priority support through our contact us form.