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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to know how to code HTML or do any 'programming' to create a form?

    No!!! We have an easy- to-use Form Wizard that lets you choose which kind of input fields you want to add to your form. Simply choose the kind of field you want and type in a label for your field. You can even specify whether your field should be a required field or not. Keep adding as many fields as you like! After you've added all your fields, simply save your form and let
    Response-o-matic automatically generates the HTML code for you. Simply copy and paste the HTML code into your webpage and upload it to your server. Your form is ready to use!

  • How do I receive the information that is submitted from my forms?

    The information that is submitted from your form is sent to the e-mail address in your FORM setup. An email is sent out immediately after the form submitted. A copy of your form submission is also stored online in your Response-o-matic Account. You have the option to delete individual form submissions in your account if you do not want to keep your submission.

  • Can I modify my form after I get it into my webpage editor?

    You should only modify the colours, text size and 'look' of your form in your web editor. We do NOT recommend you modify the input field names or add any input fields using HTML in your webpage editor. Log back into your account to add additional fields and copy and paste the HTML for those new fields into your form.

  • I am not receiving emails of my form submission, but when I log into my account they are there! Why aren't you sending me my emails?

    Response-o-matic.com ALWAYS attempts to email the form submission out to you immediately. Possible reasons why your email is not being received are:

    1) Your form submissions are being labelled as being "JUNK" , "SPAM" or could be in your email DELETED folder. Many webhosters are aggressively trying to block form submissions that they may interpret as being SPAM. If you have a web-based interface for your email account, log onto your email account and mark email that is coming from us as NOT SPAM. If you do not know how to mark emails as NOT SPAM, contact your webhoster.

    2) The email address you entered in your form set up is either incorrectly typed or not entered at all. Check the FORM SETUP step in your form to verify that your email address is correct.

    3) Emails are being rejected by your ISP (for various reasons). In your logged in account, we display ALL form submissions to you. If a form submission email was rejected by your ISP, it will be labelled "A submission error was detected This message was not accepted by your ISP". Simply click on the link and it will give you information regarding the bounced email. Report this information to your ISP to get this problem sorted out.

  • When I try to submit my form, I get an error "No account is specified and no destination email provided"

    We provide you html to paste onto your webpage in Step 3. You MUST have two hidden fields within the form html on your webpage that indicate the 'acctid' and the 'formid' values.

    They look like this:

    <input type="hidden" name="acctid" id="acctid" value="idcjnllgsdtiyif" />
    <input type="hidden" name="formid" id="formid" value="1179" />

    You MAY have deleted these fields or the software you are using to paste your code has deleted the code or part of the code. Try recopying and pasting the code from our Freedback account back into your webpage. If the sofware you are using is stripping these values out, please contact the makers of the software editor. Many editors operate in 'rich text' mode - this can cause some of your hidden fields to be removed. Try switching to the plain text editor mode before copying in your form code.

  • My autoresponder is not emailing the autoresponder information to the form submitter. Why?

    You MUST have a field in your form with the HTML field name of 'email' for your autoresponder to function properly.

    ie. Here's some HTML that has a field name of 'email':

       What is your email? <input type="text" name="email" />

    When creating a new form in your account, the Form Wizard provides by default, an email field and a 'name' field. If you have deleted the Email field in the Form Wizard in your account, your autoresponder will not work!

    Solution: Log into your account, click on Edit Autoresponder for your form. You will then be prompted to re-add the EMAIL field back into the form. Move the email field around if you want and then click on "SAVE..All done my Form!". Copy and paste the new HTML code back into your web-page.

  • Can I customize the 'error' page that the user sees when they have not filled out a field?

    No. Unfortunately at this time you cannot customize the 'error' page.
    You can however add 'javascript' error checking on the form if you know how to code in javascript. Unfortunately we do not support or provide information on how to program in javascript. We do have some international customers who have developed javascript error checking to provide 'Non-English' language error messages.

  • How much does Response-o-Matic cost?

    It doesn't cost anything to get an account to start trying out our service. No credit card is required to sign up! But our Free plan is just the beginning. Check out our paid plan features to see the additional capabilities we offer.


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